siga1GenAhead Bio Inc.(“GenAhead Bio”) was established as a biotech company based on gene engineering in Shonan Health Innovation Park, Fujisawa, Japan, on 2018. GenAhead Bio has an original genome editing and gene delivery technologies1) based on extensive experience. Genome editing technology is an indispensable technology for disease research, regenerative medicine and gene therapy, but in contrast it is known that there are many laborious tasks. GenAhead Bio has highly effective, and accurate genome-editing technology, so GenAhead Bio can contribute to provide results timely to research academia and institutes. Gene delivery technology is a one of very important points in realizing nucleic acid and gene therapy. GenAhead Bio has an innovative technology and would like to make efforts to help academia and research institutes seek solutions. GenAhead Bio hopes to grow into a company that contributes to realization of a healthy society through drug development support through its innovative technology.

1) Founders’ know-how including J. Control. Release. 237, 1-13, 2016.
April, 23rd 2018
GenAhead Bio Inc.
Tsukasa Sugo, Ph.D.